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Zenith Table Options

Click below to Learn how the Optional part is designed make your Zenith Chiropractic adjusting Table better and easier to use .Also what optional part is available on which Zenith Table. We will always be happy to answer any questions you have on a Zenith table  option Via Email

Tilt Cervical  Vs Elevation Cervical

 Electric Power Front Vs Spring Loaded Front Section

 Breakaway Chest ,Elevating Chest, Elevating Pelvic

Manual Drop vs Air Drop

 Pierce Cervical Vs Thompson Cervical Option

Auto Ankle Relaxer Vs Standard  Ankle Relaxer

Thompson Chest Drop Tension Settings

Zenith Flexion Table Options

Zenith Table Base Color Options

Zenith Upholstery Options

Zenith Table Extra Wide Cushions Vs Standard Cushions

Zenith Table Tuckaway vs Standard Footboard